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Welcome! We are happy to present you with the first Aaduki monthly Newsletter. We hope you enjoy it and if you have any content you would like to feature in next months issue please contact us!  Happy reading from all of us here at Aaduki. Find our contact details and social media platforms at the bottom of this page.

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PermaJet announce the conclusion to an eighteen month business development which will help photographers and artists easily identify the ideal inkjet media for their images.

Industry leaders PermaJet have recently unveiled the exciting final phase in a series of updates titled Project Pioneer. Having gradually been introduced in three stages over the last eighteen months, these updates have overseen groundbreaking improvements to both their Fibre Based Baryta and Fine Art media. These changes have come with the intent to improve the overall experience of using PermaJet inkjet media through improving the base materials and coatings for an even higher quality end result. The update involved condensing the current options and introducing new ones, making it much simpler for users to choose the perfect media for their needs.

The updates to the Fibre Based Baryta range saw the introduction of FB Royal Gloss 310 and FB Satin 310, a combination of previous products in order to narrow down the range and make choosing media an easier process. With new enhanced coatings for flatter surfaces and improved printer loading, PermaJet ensured their media would continue to go above and beyond to meet the needs of the printing world. The success of the Fibre Based range was continued by FB Gold Silk 315 winning ‘Best Inkjet Media: Photographic Finish’ at The Photography News Awards.

PermaJet went on to upgrade their Smooth and Textured Fine Art ranges by adopting new technology processes and enhanced base materials to enable users to produce higher quality prints than ever before. This update has been highly appraised and has seen the arrival of products such as Portrait Rag 285 and Photo Art Silk 290.

The final change comes in the form of a revolutionary new packaging, signifying a fresh and modern outlook for PermaJet. Whilst the new design is clear and user-friendly, making it easier for customers and dealers to immediately identify the product, the most innovative change is the 100% acid free box. This feature allows for the packaging to effectively double as storage for prints, giving photographers a cheaper and hassle-free long term storage option.

PermaJet’s Managing Director, Robin Whetton, explains:

“The intention has always been to emphasize our product updates with a more distinctive re-design, but we are also using this opportunity to create even more unique benefits for PermaJet media users and dealers around the World.”

With the continued growth in the export side of the business, international customers of PermaJet will benefit from translations in Italian, Spanish, German, French and Chinese on the reverse of the box.PermaJet will be introducing the new packaging at Photokina 2016, where visitors will be the first to see the new design with its official release being completed by 1st January 2017.
Press Release - September 2016 - Project Pioneer



When Photographing wildlife…

C30.1 Dome hide
(^ C30.1 Dome hide.)


One of the best ways we can photograph wildlife is to use hides.  We believe it is a good idea for the hides to be built at night and left alone for months so the animals do not associate them with humans, but hides still present you with a golden opportunity to photograph wildlife.

Please remember, hides must be used with consideration. They cannot be used as they have previously, by people walking up to a nest pitching the hide and expecting the birds or animals to stay there. This will result in the adults deserting their nests so think about where you’re going to use it and at what time of the day and year; acting accordingly.

Dome Hides are becoming more and more popular as they’re quick to put up with two flexible aluminium poles and are free standing so you can move them closer to a subject or around a feeding station so you have the light always falling on the subject. They do have pegs and guy ropes you can use if you’re operating in windy conditions. They have one main and two side windows, scrim and insect nets and all of the different sizes come in breathable materials and a choice of camouflage patterns. They fold down into a small bundle and are light enough to be carried in a rucksack. We also recommend using camera and lens covers which give weather protection and camouflage to gain the perfect wildlife photography you are looking for.

C30.1-A Dome hide
( ^C30.1-A Dome hide.)


Wildlife watching supplies:







Protecting your drone… DroneGuard_Kit_065_SQ_16280

If you’ve paid out big money for your drone and you’ve got all your certificates and insurance (If you haven’t then you could be in big trouble, see our link below) you probably want to make sure it doesn’t get damaged on the way to a location the best way to do this is to make sure you have suitable storage for your drone and its accompany equipment.

Lowepro have four backpack models available the most expensive of which costs £220 and is the DroneGuard BP 450 AW. This is a comfortable and protective drone backpack built to walk to any remote or accessible location with a quadcopter such as DJI Phantom, 3DR Solo or similar drone and quad kits.

The interior can be customised for your own personal needs with interior dividers that are padded and adjustable, lined with soft tricot, hook/loop attachment points. If you’ve got an all-day trek to get to your location the harness has a breathable and perforated EVA back panel, contoured shoulder straps, sternum strap and hip belt. It’s even got an all-weather cover kept in a zippered pocket at the bottom of the pack.

If, however you work in a more urban setting and you just want to pick up your kit in a holdall/kitbag type arrangement then have a look at their Drone Guard Kit which comes in at £74 and has a zipped pocket at the side. It’s designed to complement the X-shape of enthusiast-style models and organize all your accessories.

It has a system of dividers that helps organise all your gear and keep yourself organised!


For drone certificates and insurance advice:




PArk cameras

Park cameras

We are moving into Cashback season! With both Fuji and Panasonic launching great savings on some of their photographic equipment this week! Now is a great opportunity to save more on your new camera purchase!.pc

There’s also a couple of new products, with a limited edition Leica set for the photographer who wants it all, and the Ricoh Theta S which joins the ranks of Ricoh’s delightful 360-camera family.

More delightful however is this photo by Park Cameras’ Burgess Hill staff member Andy West, who has some more pictures for you to view here.




BANPAS advice’s… Help! I Have No Bookings!!!

If business was easy everybody would be doing it and no business would fail.  Clients are the lifeblood of any business and although profitability  comes a close second you can’t even begin to think about making a profit if you don’t first have a customer.

We live in a social media savvy world – my 5 year old knows her way around an ipad better than I do and expects everything with a screen to respond to her fingertips!  It’s easy to think that we can just pop online and create a website, before popping over onto facebook to open a page – and clients will come.  We don’t live in an age where we have to think about opening premises and running a big print campaign to publicise it – many of our members work mobile or from their own homes and run their businesses entirely from a laptop.

If you have no enquiries and/or no bookings – or both are thin on the ground you need to take some immediate action.  This is tough talk so you might want to get a cup to tea and a biscuit to ease the pain.  I’m also assuming that your work is of a professional standard – by that I mean correctly focused, exposed and lit and showing some degree of artistry.

Read the full article here…  http://beyondthecamera.co.uk/business-development/help-i-have-no-bookings/

Thank you for reading our first newsletter and we hope to see you back again on the 1st of every month! 

Best wishes from the Aaduki team.





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