Tips for creating photography packages that will catch your customer’s eyes.

When creating something that you will then put in the market to sell to other people you need to think about what others want.

What would you want? Ask yourself if it was your wedding in what format would you like to receive your images?

Here are some tips for you…

Portraits -> It is found that clients generally want a large image that they can display in comparison to having 101 wallet photos they can carry around with them.

Weddings -> With Weddings you find that people want to be able to re-visit their images whenever they want, which makes digital images very popular. Generally engagement sessions and Photo albums are also a big hit with wedding photography also.

When creating packages, you want to work out whether you want to create a group of packages to fit all kinds of sessions or whether you just want to create different packages for different types of shoots.

However, you will find that it is suggested you offer four packages. From your first package being lowest in value and your 4th being highest in value, this way you can have two packages in the middle that are a reasonable price with a fair range of items in that you know most people will opt for however, still giving them the options of a more basic and luxury package. Remember to be realistic within choosing what to put in your packages, making sure the price matches the effort you are putting in to creating it.

If you can try and add something special to your packages that is original and will make your client want to invest you should give it a go. This could be anything from a pretty photo frame to a pillow with their image on, whatever it is make it unique to you and your style.

There is also always the option of having add ons, that you know not every client would want but others may so to have them as an add on at an additional cost is always a good idea.

Be creative, be smart.

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