Insurance Schemes

We specifically tailor cover to the requirements of each sector of the industry, offering a wide scope of cover and value for money.

Unlike many insurance providers we treat the UK as just that – the UK – and we welcome enquires from customers in Northern Ireland. We offer the same terms to customers in Northern Ireland as we do to customers on the UK mainland.

We do not specially load rates, restrict cover, or refuse cover to customers in Northern Ireland simply because you happen to be based “over the water”. 

In some instances we can arrange “one off” covers for a single shoot too!!

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Video Makers


Other occupations


Premium Payment

In most cases you have the option to pay the premium in instalments by ten, twelve or three monthly payments. Payment options available to you will always be included in every quotation we issue.

Pre-completed Forms

For our Photography and Video Maker policies we will issue a pre-completed proposal form for you to check over, sign, date and return. We recognise that insurance forms can appear daunting to those not used to filling out forms for a living so we offer this service to save you time (and money)!! We are not able to offer this service however for our Journalist policies or our Travel or Personal Accident & Sickness policies as these need much more personal information. We are able to offer this service on some, but not all, of our house hold insurance policies too.


Remember!! We aim to offer a policy tailored to you and your needs. If you need a wider scope of cover than that being offered to you please talk to us about it – we will always consider reasonable requests for additional cover and whilst we cannot promise to accommodate everything – we will try our best.