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Welcome! We are happy to present you with this months Aaduki monthly Newsletter. We hope you enjoy it and if you have any content you would like us to feature in next months issue, please contact us!  Happy reading from all the team here at Aaduki. Please find our contact details and Social Media platforms at the bottom of this email.


PermaJet’s christmas cards.

 Looking for a way to get festive with your photography? Why not create your own greetings cards. Easily print your images and artwork onto PermaJet’s pre-scored inkjet media, instantly creating beautiful cards you can sell or give to family and friends for that personal festival touch.


Buy now: http://www.permajet.com/ProductGrp/PermaJet-Pre-Creased-Inkjet-Greetings-Cards

Vanguard VEO 235AB

Vanguard’s VEO 235AB.

Vanguard’s VEO 235AB tripod is the second smallest in their lightweight travel range. It has an innovative rapid column rotation feature that makes it incredibly compact and allows amazingly quick setup and fold down. In fact it packs down for travel into a very compact size and weighing only 1.5Kg and a folded length of 35cm.

The legs fold out with a ratchet system operated by a button at the top of each which can be locked at 3 angles, from upright to splayed wide to shoot low to the ground. Each leg can also be angled independently.

These 5-section aluminium alloy legs extend up to 145cm and have rubber feet with retractable spikes for extra grip.

The main attraction for macro users is the 180° swinging column. This lets you change the orientation of your camera from full height to work from the underside of the tripod all the way down to the ground. It’s really simple thanks to the versatile bundled and removable TBH-50 ball head.

This ball head features comfortable adjustment knobs and a spirit level and a platform head that’s equipped with a standard attachment screw. For a small tripod that works well with mirrorless cameras and small DSLRs it can carry an impressive 6Kg of weight.


Kaiser R60

The Kaiser R60 LED Light.

Those of us involved with extreme macro work know that we are going to need a reliable light source.

The Kaiser R60 LED Light is a powerful ring-light that does an excellent job for producing shadow less lighting for all forms of close-up photography. It has a minimum working distance of 3cm and will operate up to two hours at full power, although if you’re using it dimmed it will last up to 30 hours.

It mounts to the filter thread of your lens with aid of the appropriate adapter ring. Currenly six adapter rings for 49/52/55/58/62 and 67 mm filter threads are included.

It consists of 60 white light (daylight) LEDs, with an output of approximately 2300 lux at 30cm with a 52deg angle of illumination and awe stated earlier it is fully dimmable by a control wheel on the side of the unit.

Each of the LED lights has a colour temperature of around 5600K (Daylight strength) why means you’re not oil to get anything nasty like able or orange cast.

Made of plastic it’s lightweight, rugged and compact and is powered by four AA batteries they’re not included) plus an optional external power adapter can also be used.

Manfrotto Pixi

Manfrotto PIXI Pano360.

One of the joys of landscape working is making super wide images. The problem comes of course when you’re taking the pictures individually they never line up. You can solve that problem by using stitching tools in your software but now Manfrotto have come with an interesting solution.

The PIXI Pano360 motorised head lets you take panoramas and time-lapses with your smartphone, action cam, CSC, or DSLR. You can also produce 360° videos, creating film effects and allows the creation of panoramic super wide-angle photos.

The unit is designed to hold your camera level and rotate it at a constant speed and will work with cameras weighing up to 2kg.

A standard ¼” socket in the base can be used to mount the head on your tripod and it comes with IPhone and GoPro adapters. Also included is a Bluetooth remote with buttons for Panorama, Tim elapse and Video modes and a short cable to recharge the inbuilt Lithium-ion battery.

There’s a dedicated iOS app, for easy Smartphone set-up.

THs without doubt an interesting product and could be useful but the rotation speed is fixed and it may not be what you want for your work. As always do try before you buy.



Nisi filters

Despite the advances of Photoshop and other imaging software there is no doubt that filters can still play a huge part in our work

 Nisi are a relative newcomer to the UK but they are making quite a name for themselves already. The company produces a series of filter holder systems: a 70mm system for compact and smaller mirrorless camera; a 100mm system suitable for DSLRs and larger mirrorless cameras; a 150mm system for ultra-wide-angle lenses and a 180mm system for Canon 11-24

All Nisi filters are the highest quality optical glass not resin so straight away you know you’re going to get an optical quality not possible with resin filters.  Each side is double ground, polished and multi coated to reduce reflections and flare.

What’s more the filters are mounted using an ingenious system, the ‘adapter’ for the holder is engineered to suit standard and wide lenses, with small step rings for different sizes so no wide-angle adapters are needed.

As always do your own research before you buy but this is a high-quality product with competitive prices. It can be purchased in the UK and we think will become a major player in this market

Lowpro Tactic 450

Lowepro’s ProTactic 450

Every now and then you come across a product and you think “They’ve thought of everything with this one”

And this is certainly true of Lowe pro’s ProTactic 450 AW. It’s a bag that sits comfortably on your shoulders and you can use it for anything from weddings to tough landscape work.

There are loops on all the zips so they’re easy to open and you can a carry a load of additional gear such as tripods or a pakamac outside. The bag has its own built in weather proof cape which easily slips over and inside it can handle a couple of pro bodies and/or several spare lenses. It uses the MaxiFit system pads to store your gear and is very strongly protected.

This bag has four ways of accessing your kit with two side flaps that zip open, a topload, semi-hardshell-protected zip flap lets you into the main compartment  (it’s got two) and it lays on its side away from the body but with the side adjacent to your back upwards. This means that you won’t get mud or dust all over your back when you put it back on.

 This sturdy, rigid bag lets you slide your camera in without taking it off. A very good piece of kit in our opinion which is well worth taking a look at.



Emma Rothers.

Award winning photographer Emma Rothers runs photographic workshops in one of the most beautiful parts of the UK, the Holy Island of Lindisfarne off the Northumberland coast.

Accessed by a causeway which floods twice a day the island is an ideal place to spend a break and improve your photographic skills at the same time.  Emma has designed the courses for anyone who is interesting in developing their photography skills by learning out in the field alongside a professional landscape photographer. She believes the only way to truly understand light is to be out in it, studying it and taking pictures. Anyone is welcome including beginners.

The courses can be from one to one to a preferred maximum of ten and take in the most iconic landmarks of this magical place and are tailored to suit an individual’s needs. From the use of filters to interpreting the sky and its reflections, all can be included if the individual client wishes it.  The workshops operate all year round so the island can be experienced in its many moods and facets.

If you wish to improve your photography skills on location under expert guidance. For further information, costs and a brochure please contact Emma at: emma.ybphotography@me.com or visit emmarotheraphotography.com


Thank you for reading our newsletter and we hope to see you back again on the 1st of every month!

Best wishes from the Aaduki team

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