Aaduki Newsletter, 1st October 2017

01/10/2017                                                                                                                                   Issue: 12


Welcome! We are happy to present you with the twelfth Aaduki monthly Newsletter. We hope you enjoy it and if you have any content you would like us to feature in next months issue, please contact us!  Happy reading from all the team here at Aaduki. Please find our contact details and Social Media platforms at the bottom of this email.


Hurry the Clock Is Ticking…

Pre-Register Now For Your Free Trade Show Tickets to The Societies 2018 London Photo Convention.

If You Are An Aspiring Photographer This Convention And Trade Show Is A Must!

The Societies’ CEO Phil Jones says ‘This is a great opportunity to be the first to see new products and services on offer from major manufacturers in the photographic industry. The Trade Show also offers attendees a comprehensive schedule of live demonstrations and lectures which makes it a must for those who are serious about their photography’.

Photographers planning to visit the biggest photographic Convention ever held in Europe, can access the Trade Show element of the London-based event free of charge, if they pre-register before 5 January 2018.

The three-day trade show organised by The Societies, will be held at the Hilton London Metropole Hotel, Edgware Road, London, W2 1JU, starting on Friday 12 January 2018.

For more information on The Societies 2018 Convention, please visit the link below: http://swpp.co.uk/convention/

PermaJet Open Day


The Imaging Warehouse is opening its doors once again for the annual PermaJet Open Day with leading photographic and print suppliers.

Join them for a fantastic day out in the heart of the UK where you can find the latest products, demonstrations and advice from knowledgeable and friendly faces.

Suppliers include London Camera Exchange, Longridge and Kenro with a wide selection of cameras, bags, tripods, mount cutters, albums and much, much more.

PermaJet will have exclusive deals across the full range of media that you won’t want to miss. More details at www.permajet.com/openday

Tamrac Anvil 17 -3Q

The Tamrac ANVIL 17.

The Tamrac ANVIL 17 is a medium-sized backpack for carrying Pro-sized DSLRs with lenses attached as well as a range of accessories.

Its lightweight 2kg design maximizes gear protection and keeps the weight down allowing you to trek further for those great landscape shots.

All packs in the Anvil professional range feature a large main compartment with traditional front open entry.

 Designed to carry multiple pro-sized DSLR bodies with lenses attached along with a full range of lenses, flash guns and accessories Tamrac have really upped their game here.

A front padded pocket holds most 15inch laptops and exterior pockets hold the accessories. It has a tripod attachment with quick release straps and  a comfortable airflow harness and removable belt system making any amount of gear easy to carry.

There’s a fully seam sealed weather protective rain fly and handy front butterfly accessory pockets to hold small personal items.

We like the fact that the dividers that come with the pack are completely removable from the interior and are configurable to your own design.

Dimensions come in at External 31x44x25cm, Internal 28x41x16cm, Volume 17 litres and it comes with a  5 Year Limited Warranty
For  a Retail Price (inc. VAT) of £157 this and the other models in the range are well worth a look.


Sixtomat F2 front final C

The Gossen Sixtomat F2 lightmetre.

The Gossen Sixtomat F2 lightmetre is a neat piece of kit. It comes in a compact meter housing with a sliding indident/reflected measurement dome with a large LCD display and soft touch buttons.

Ths light meter can pre select the aperture you need to create the desired depth of field, then take a meter reading from there to determine the shutter speed for first time exposure accuracy.

If you’re creating starscape images, panoramas and night scenes it can be used to determine exposure levels up to 60 minutes.

When you’re working in the studio the Sixtomat F2 can be operated in either corded or uncoded flash mode, dependant on your requirements and to create greater depth of field in your subject, multiple exposure calculations can be achieved in the meter.

Plus if  you‘re shooting with fill in flash for creative effect the Sixtomat F2 can display the ratio between flash and ambient light, ensuring that your flash equipment is set up to produce exactly the result you imagined.

The calculated exposure values can be displayed either in full, 1/2 or 1/3 stop increments and it even covers the entire CINE scale (frames per second), including TV standard 25 and 30 f.p.s.

Well worth a closerlook our opinion.


The Mecablitz 44 AF-2.

Metz have always had a top reputation for quality flash. The Mecablitz 44 AF-2 digital is a great solution for price-conscious, dedicated video- and photographers. It offers two solutions in one, with the flash working in the traditional flashgun manner for stills photography, and an LED light which can be used for continuous lighting for video and product photography.

We liked the clear control panel on the back with its easy usability and high level of functional reliability. The high performance a­ffords power reserves in any photo situation (max. guide number 44 for ISO 100/21° and 105 mm).

Depending on the camera, it has the appropriate application possibilities for any lighting conditions in TTL mode. You can manually set up to 4 light levels, allowing to vary the lighting e­ffects whilst the integrated high performance LED creates additional light for video recording.

Also depending on the camera used, it also offers a slave mode, making wireless TTL very easy. The motorised zoom function (24-105 mm), the fully swivelling reflector with flip-out reflector card and the integrated wide-angle di­ffuser (12 mm) afford you additional creative scope.

The flash supports wireless TTL: E-TTL / E-TTL II with Canon, Advanced Wireless Lighting with Nikon, Olympus RC with Olympus, P-TTL Remote System with Pentax, and Sony CTRL and CTRL+ wireless remote system.

Canon EFS 55-250

The Canon EFS – 55-250mm IS II.

The Canon EFS – 55-250mm IS II is one of Canon’s most popular lenses and it’s no wonder because it’s very sharp, focuses very close, has a perfect telephoto zoom range, and has Image Stabilization for sharp hand-held photos in dim light. We used it on an overcast day on a boat in Northumberland photographing seals and got great results.

With a minimum close-focus range of 85cm (2′ 8″) and a magnification ratio of 0.29x, we found the lens provided good performance in the macro area too.

The lens is small, light and inexpensive and matches up very well to many general purpose zoom lenses. It does require you to move a switch on the body to get from auto to manual focusing however but this is no great hardship.

There is no flexing or rattling when using this lens just gentle hum when focusing while the lens barrel, visible when the lens extends towards 250mm, is smooth.

You can pay more for lenses that will give you the same results and are more solidly built but this is a lovely little lens. It’s a versatile 2nd lens to complement the standard 18-55mm kit lens but check before you buy that you can use it on your camera.

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