AADUKI’s Photographers Insurance is tailored to provide all the covers generally required by a photographic business based in the United Kingdom and allows the production of a policy dedicated specifically to the requirements of the business made up of any of the following areas of cover:

As we tailor each policy to the individual customer by using our panel of insurers rather than just the one insurer, the terms and conditions of cover may differ from customer to customer but in brief:

Material Damage

Buildings, Shop Fronts & Fixed Glass

Cover for buildings, shop fronts and fixed glass

Fixed Business Property & Equipment

Cover for tenants improvements, interior decorations, fixtures and fittings, and film processing and darkroom equipment

Portable Business Property & Equipment

Cover for photographic, video and lighting equipment, computer/electronic office equipment, hired in equipment, photographic work (portfolio), stock and materials, mobile telephones, goods held in trust and other business property

Business Interruption

Cover for your gross profit and/or additional cost of working expenses
Loss of Money

Cover for theft of monetary sums


Public Liability - Cover for your liability for injury caused to third parties or for damage caused to a third party’s property

Products Liability - Cover for your liability for injury caused to third parties resulting from products supplied

Employers’ liability insurance - protects you against your legal liability for injury, illness or disease to any employee, including directors of limited companies, labour only sub-contractors and persons under work experience or training schemes.

Professional Indemnity

As soon as you agree to do a shoot you are contractually obliged to produce photos to an acceptable standard.

It is a fact of modern life that more and more people are willing to take matters to court and claim compensation if they are not satisfied with their photos, or if there were other problems on the day of the shoot.
Even if you are found not to be at fault, solicitors’ costs in defending yourself alone can be exorbitant.

Professional Indemnity Insurance will provide you with this essential protection.

When you hold Professional Indemnity Insurance with us you can have peace of mind knowing that you are covered for:


    • Camera malfunction
    • Breach of copyright
    • Loss or damage to your work caused by either you or your processing lab
    • Operator error
    • Plagiarism
    • Libel and slander