Increasingly, individuals and companies who offer photography or videography services need specialist public liability insurance to cover the financial impact of legal action being taken against them.

As well as the financial risk there’s the reputational risk which means you could miss out on future contracts if they don’t have it. Or worse still, you could be forced to close when you face either an authentic or a fraudulent lawsuit.

Here we look at what public liability insurance is, why you need to source a specialist policy for this creative sector, and the best ways to make sure any future claim is successful.

Importantly, you can also find out how Aaduki meets the contemporary needs of the photography sector.

The purpose of public liability insurance

Even the most careful photographer or videographer can run into a problem; one in which they unwittingly damage someone else’s property or even cause injury to someone else. This could be a staff member, a paying customer or just someone who happened to be passing by.

Public liability insurance for photographers and videographers doesn’t prevent someone from taking legal action against you, nor does it stop them from demanding reimbursement for damage, or compensation for injury.

What public liability insurance does is provide you with a vital financial safety net.

It enables photographers and videographers to claim on their public liability insurance to help cover legal fees and appropriate costs. For example, paying repair bills when you cause damage at a venue.

Clients increasingly demand proof of insurance

It’s becoming common for venues, corporate clients and other commissioners to award contracts only if a photographer or videographer can prove they have adequate public liability insurance. This is particularly true when you tender for public-funded projects, like local authority contracts.

Organisations ask for evidence of public liability cover to check they won’t be out of pocket if something goes wrong on your watch, and that you have the resources to cover the cost of any legal action that could arise.

Demonstrating you’re backed by a public liability policy also underpins your reputation as a conscientious and business-like agency.

What to look for in a public liability policy

Why bother with specialist public liability insurance for photographers and videographers?

The whole point of any kind of commercial insurance policy is to cover your risks; the sort of things that can go wrong – and do go wrong – for photographers and videographers nationwide!

Clearly, businesses that capture imagery have their own particular public liability risks. For example, accidental damage to structures, fittings or fixtures during a location shoot. Or even someone tripping and hurting themselves at your studio.

The best public liability insurance for photographers and videographers has adjustable levels of cover according to your specific daily business activities.

Getting the right policy from Aaduki Multimedia Insurance

At Aaduki, we work with clients to provide public liability policies along with advice on managing your risks to make sure you’re truly protected come what may. Your risks will be different across different types of photography and videography.

Using our negotiating power and in-depth knowledge of this sector, we can keep premiums manageable. Unlike many ‘off the shelf’ insurance products, the public liability policy we provide won’t require that you pay out for levels and types of cover you’re unlikely to ever need!

Our aim is to give you the peace of mind that any future claim you make will be successful, and that you have financial security.

Also, when you take public liability insurance through us, you’ll have access to our helpful support team who can provide you with advice to make any future claim as stress-free and seamless as possible.Find out more about our photography insurance and videography insurance packages by visiting our pages, or speak to our team today to arrange a quote.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does public liability insurance cover me if clients are unhappy with my work?

This policy covers damage you accidentally do to physical property or injuries to third parties when you are working. If clients take action against you due to a dispute over your images or videos, that comes under professional indemnity insurance.

Is public liability insurance a legal requirement as a sole trader?

While it is not a legal requirement to have public liability insurance, we highly recommend it. Not only could a substantial claim against you could put you out of business without it, but it can also be considered mandatory when you pitch for work from some clients.

How much does public liability cover for photographers cost?

The premium depends on the level of cover you need. It’s calculated by looking at your risks as a business, the size of your venture and any claims you have made in the past. The best way to calculate the cost of public liability insurance is to contact us for a quote.