Aaduki provides flexible insurance for professional wedding photographers, tailored to your business needs and supported with expert advice from our specialist team.

Why do you need specialist wedding photographer insurance?

With over a decade of experience insuring wedding photographers and their equipment, we understand the risks and pressures you face – and we speak your language. Your livelihood depends on your cameras and kit being available and in working order.

Taking out specialist wedding photography insurance helps to give you peace of mind in the event of an accident. Even the most experienced photographers aren’t immune to the occasional mistake, and not having insurance to fall back on can be devastating for your business.

For more information on what can potentially go wrong, take a look at our article on 5 things that can go wrong for a wedding photographer.

Our dedicated team are familiar with photographic equipment and the way you work, so we can provide advice that makes a genuine difference and get you back up and running if the worst happens.

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What’s Covered

As we tailor each policy to the individual customer by using our panel of insurers rather than just the one insurer, the terms and conditions of cover may differ from customer to customer but in brief:

  • Photographic and video making equipment, lighting, processing equipment, laptops and portable devices, computer and electronic office equipment, stock and materials, props, sets and wardrobe and other business property
  • Damage to goods in trust and equipment you have hired in
  • Costs incurred to hire alternative equipment to fulfil your business commitments if your own kit or hired-in kit is damaged
  • For claims arising from damage to third-party property or bodily injury to a member of the public
  • For bodily injury, illness, death or disease of any of your employees

For claims arising from negligence such as making a mistake in your work for which you are held legally responsible.

  • Legal advice on UK law 24/7
  • UK tax advice between 9.00am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday (except bank holidays)
  • Counselling assistance 24/7

We can arrange cover to your specification anywhere in the world.  By specifying particular equipment and locations, you can keep your premium cost down so you only buy the cover you need.

If you select cover for the EU or UK you will enjoy free cover for up to 60 days anywhere in the world (see terms).

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“Exceptional customer service!  I have been insured with this company for many years now and I have nothing but positive comments. Staff are always so friendly and helpful and no matter what problems I have (I have had a few!) and it is never too much trouble! I would recommend this company to anyone!”



“Fantastic service! Replaced my stolen 5D MK IV within a week ready for my next wedding shoot. Thank you to the team.”




Our clients often ask us:

Yes, if the items cannot be repaired. The policy will replace items that are lost, damaged or stolen with brand new items. If we have agreed to insure your items for a second hand replacement however, a claim would cover second hand replacement. Subject to the amount for which you have insured.

Theft and accidental loss of, or damage to, your equipment is covered.

You can extend cover on your equipment whilst away from your premises to any territory worldwide (except where the UK Foreign Office advises against all but essential travel, and specifically excluded countries). By designing your cover in this way you can keep your premium cost down by not having to insure all items away from your premises all of the time if you do not need such a wide scope of cover.

No, we only arrange annual insurance policies.

Yes, we will discuss with you at the time the best way to do that from a number of options. Hired equipment is not covered by your policy unless it is specifically shown as insured on your policy schedule.

It depends on the type of policy you have with us. Some ask that you send an equipment list for items over a certain value (which could differ dependent upon the underwriter), whilst others have no requirement for a list. We will tell you if your policy requires a list.

Yes, but it depends upon the type of policy as to the amount of cover and the terms and conditions applicable including cover for items left in your vehicle when you’ve finished working or overnight. We will tell you the extent of cover and the terms applying to this.

Public liability covers any liability you may face for causing an accident to a member of the public.

Employers’ liability covers liability for injury or illness to an employee that they have sustained as a result of their employment with you. In most situations it is a legal requirement that you hold employers’ liability insurance if you employ anyone.

Professional indemnity covers your failure to produce work to a professional standard for which you are held legally responsible.

Yes, subject to status the premium may be paid in instalments by direct debit.

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