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Insurance for amateur videographers

If you just enjoy being an amateur videographer and don’t earn any money from it, you might not think about needing insurance.  

But even if you don’t get paid for your filming, you still face the risk of your videography equipment being stolen or damaged. Do you have the funds to replace it?

And whilst you might not be paid for your work and therefore not operating as a professional, you could still be held personally liable for damage or bodily injury to a third party that occur as a result of your actions as an amateur video maker. For example, if someone were to trip over your equipment bags and suffered an injury.  

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What does amateur videographers insurance cover?

You can select the cover that suits your needs and your budget, including:

  • Theft, accidental damage and accidental loss cover for’:
    your personal video photographic, and lighting equipment
    computers and electronic office equipment* while away from home and used for amateur photographic activities
  • Hired-in equipment
  • Personal liability for injury to third parties arising from your amateur videographer activities.

* Laptops are insured away from your main residence for amateur photographic activities only. Cover is not provided for mobile phones, drones/UAVs or their attachments.

We can also help with…

Note: please note that we do not insure mobile telephones (regardless of any image making capability of such a device), drones/UAVs or their attachments.

Why choose Aaduki for your amateur videographer insurance?

Safe shooting is not just about camera insurance. With 20 years’ experience advising clients on video and photography insurance, we understand your passion for image making – and the risks that come with it. Our insights around the wide range of video and camera equipment and the way you use it mean we can provide insurance and advice that makes a genuine difference. 

As an amateur videographer or photographer, you care about your kit – and it’s likely that you’ve invested your  hard-earned cash in the best equipment you can afford. 

We understand – our team speak your language and share your passion for all things photography and film making.  

With amateur videographer insurance from Aaduki, you can choose to insure on a “new for old” basis. This means that if your kit is lost, stolen or damaged and cannot be repaired, the policy will provide for brand new replacements.  

Alternatively, and to help keep costs down, you can choose to insure for the cost of second-hand replacements, subject to the amount you’ve chosen to insure for. 

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“Very helpful staff! I unfortunately had my D810 damaged and could not be repaired. I had a new replacement in next to no time, would recommend!”



“Excellent service! A really honest company, brilliant top class insurance package… Incredibly pleased. Superb”



“The quality of the customer service is honestly excellent. Phone calls are always answered rapidly within a few rings by a real human being, always a friendly, courteous and knowledgeable one at that, who can either answer any queries directly or be able to find the answers rapidly if not.”




Our clients often ask us:

Yes, if the items cannot be repaired. The policy will replace items that are lost, damaged or stolen with brand new items unless you have opted to insure for second hand replacement cost (subject to the amount for which you have insured).

Theft and accidental loss of, or damage to, your equipment is covered.

Personal liability insurance protects you in the event that you are held responsible for bodily injury or property damage to a third party arising from your actions as an amateur video maker.

You can extend cover on your equipment whilst away from home to any territory worldwide (except where the UK Foreign Office advises against all but essential travel, and specifically excluded countries). By designing your cover in this way you can keep your premium cost down by not having to insure all items away from your home all of the time if you do not need such a wide scope of cover.

Yes, subject to status the premium may be paid in instalments by direct debit.

Yes, depending upon the type of policy, the amount of cover you have and the terms and conditions applicable, including whether you have cover for items left in your vehicle overnight. We will explain the extent of cover and the terms, and your policy documents will also specifically show these.

Amateur videographer insurance is designed for enthusiasts – not professionals. It provides cover against the risk of theft or accidental damage to your equipment as well as personal liability insurance.

At Aaduki, we will help you tailor the cover to meet your needs and your budget, with options available to suit all pockets. We also offer interest free direct debit payments

As long as you’re not being hired, paid or rewarded for your filming, then amateur videography insurance will cover you. If you receive any form of payment for your services, then you should consider professional videographer insurance.

Our policy provides cover for up to 90 days per trip worldwide as standard (except where the UK Foreign Office advises against all but essential travel, and specifically excluded countries.)

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