Spanner in the works? How to get the most from your business insurance claim

In photography, timing is everything. So it’s absolutely essential that you have all the gear you need in good working order, ready to get the shot you need.

A spanner in the works could cost you:

  1. The shot
  2. The contract
  3. Your reputation
  4. Worst case: legal fees

So it’s important to make sure you have rock-solid business continuity plans to get you back up and running fast when something goes wrong – and your insurance is a key part of this.

Aaduki’s top tips to prevent “curve-balls” slowing you down:

  1. Make sure your insurance covers the cost of hiring equipment whilst the claim is being processed.
  2. If you hire in equipment, make sure your insurance includes cover for “additional hire charges” – so you can access alternative equipment to complete your shoot.
  3. Store your equipment receipts (either physical or electronic) in a safe and easily accessible place in case you’re required to present them to the insurer as proof of ownership.
  4. Review the values of your equipment on a regular basis, and make sure you’re insured for the total replacement value to prevent any underinsurance. The last thing you need in a claim is a difficult conversation over what everything’s worth.
  5. Notify your insurer as quickly as possible when an incident occurs – this means you’ll have your equipment repaired or replaced as soon as possible.
  6. If you’re making a claim under your professional indemnity insurance (for example, for loss of wedding images, memory card corruption or hard drive failure), be sure to inform your insurer prior to telling your client anything has happened. We may be able to recover the data before the bride and groom know anything has gone wrong, thus protecting your reputation.

The Aaduki claims team is experienced and responsive – we understand your business and your priorities, can recommend repairers, and we’re on hand to help get you back in business when disaster strikes.

After decades of dealing with photographers, the team can help with almost anything that comes our way…

Haunted happenings

“We once had a claim for damage caused by a ghost!”, says Aiden Gerry.

“The client had set up their equipment for a shoot in a “haunted mansion”, went into another room and closed the door. They heard some strange noises and the door banged, and when they went back into the room, the equipment was all over floor. The client was convinced it was a ghost – and the insurance paid for the claim!”

Working with animals

“I had a client who was chased by a cow. They stopped to take a photo of the cow, and it trampled all over their equipment!”, remembers Paul Newberry.

And to cap it all…

One poor client forgot to take a lens cap off during an entire wedding shoot and had no images to show for it! These things happen to the best of us…

Talk to the Aaduki team as part of your business continuity planning, to make sure your business is resilient to anything that comes your way.

Paul Newberry Cert CII

Lead Client Adviser