Aaduki provides flexible insurance for photographers and video makers, covering both your own kit and hired-in equipment.

Why work with a specialist?

With over a decade of experience insuring photographers and video makers, we understand the risks and pressures you face – and we speak your language.  Our dedicated team are familiar with photographic and video making equipment and the way you work, so we can provide advice that makes a genuine difference, to make sure you have the right kit when you need it.

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What’s Covered?

Aaduki hired-in equipment insurance includes cover for:

  • Hired-in equipment – temporarily hired-in equipment
  • Additional hire charges – hiring alternative equipment to fulfil your business commitments if the hired-in kit is damaged or stolen
  • Continuing hire charges whilst hired equipment is being repaired or replaced following damage or theft*
  • International cover – Cover to your specification anywhere in the world
  • Annual cover if required

*subject to availability

Note: please note that we do not insure mobile telephones (regardless of any image making capability of such a device), drones/UAVs or their attachments. Cover is available for customers based in the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands only.

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“Fantastic service! Replaced my stolen 5D MK IV within a week ready for my next wedding shoot. Thank you to the team.”



“Excellent service! A really honest company, brilliant top class insurance package… Incredibly pleased. Superb”



“I chose Aaduki on the back of many recommendations from fellow colleagues as they include cover for my equipment unattended at weddings unlike a number of other companies.”




Our clients often ask us:

Theft and accidental loss are covered.

You can extend cover on the equipment whilst away from your premises to any territory worldwide (except where the UK Foreign Office advises against all but essential travel, and specifically excluded countries). Where the cover is operative will be as confirmed in the policy schedule.

Yes; but terms and conditions apply. We’’ll explain the extent of cover and the terms – and it will be shown on your policy documents. Cover for theft from an unattended vehicle is only provided on request.

Yes; if the damage or theft is covered by the policy, the underwriters will pay continuing hire charges you’re liable for whilst the equipment is being repaired or replaced. See your policy for details.

Yes; if the damage or theft is covered by the policy, the underwriters will pay additional hire charges you may incur to hire additional equipment to complete your shoot. See your policy for details.

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