The 8 best photography podcasts to listen to in 2021

If you’re into photography, you’ll understand that you should use any opportunity to learn new tricks of the trade. Whether you are just starting out and looking for photography tips, or if you’re a seasoned pro wanting to know about new photography legislation or ideas for shooting specific events, it’s a good idea to brush up your knowledge with photography podcasts.

Listening to podcasts is a great way to learn new things. You can take them with you while you walk or do household chores, giving some entertainment to otherwise dull tasks and helping you squeeze education into your day.

Bearing all of this in mind, we’ve come up with the best photography podcasts that YOU should be listening to this year.

This Week in Photo

This Week in Photo is a great starting point for keen photographers. This Week in Photo covers all things photography – if you want to stay up to date with the latest news, it’s a must-listen. 

However, you’ll also be able to enjoy discussions with professional photographers about a range of different topics in the photography field. It should be the first photography podcast you subscribe to! You can listen to them here.

The Beginner Photography Podcast

This might not be relevant if you are already a professional photographer, but as the name suggests, the Beginner Photography Podcast is ideal for novices in the field. It goes into all the need-to-know tips and tricks that will help you out – such as getting the best lighting, what equipment to use, and how to use your camera to its full potential. 

If you’re a seasoned photographer who is just about to start shooting a photography niche, such as underwater photography, you might find some podcast episodes relevant as well. 

The Photo Xperiment Podcast

One of the ways to earn big bucks with photography is to become a wedding photographer. In the Photo Xperiment Podcast, you can learn from a pro – Andrew Hellmich, who is one of the best wedding photographers in Australia’s Central Coast region. 

Hellmich discusses the business of weddings a lot, so it’s ideal for any budding wedding photographer. However, he also discusses taking beautiful portraits and other photography subjects, which might be relevant to other photographers.

Either way, it’s advice from a photographer who has won many awards, so it’s certainly worth listening to! You can check it out here.

The Martin Bailey Photography Podcast

If you’re looking for photography inspiration in the wildlife and nature field, look no further than the Martin Bailey Photography Podcast. Martin Bailey is a Tokyo-based photographer, famous for creating beautiful images of wildlife around the world. 

Nature photography is a tough nut to crack, with even the most seasoned professionals currently seeking more advice, so if you’re looking to break into this field, you’re probably going to be listening to a lot of podcasts.

Martin Bailey offers fun, professional advice taken from his own experience, and he also helps people find inspiration to capture beautiful images. You can browse his extensive range of photography podcasts on his website.


If you want to listen to something a little more lighthearted, check out Photobomb. This podcast focuses on the funny side of photography – not just ‘best photobombs ever’, but that is certainly one of the topics! In radio format, the hosts discuss all things photography but look to find the humour in each situation.

You’ll certainly get some knowledge out of this podcast – but you’ll keep returning again and again for the photography-related giggles. You can find their podcasts here.

A Photographic Life

On the other end of the scale, A Photographic Life offers thoughtful, intriguing discussions surrounding photography with a range of guests. Created by lecturer and photographer Grant Scott, A Photographic Life focuses on current affairs surrounding photography and interesting thoughts and musings by both the host and the guests. 

It’s a must-listen for photographers who like to go a bit deeper with their work and understand more about the world of taking photos. Grant Scott shows that there is often a lot more than meets the eye! Listen to his fascinating podcasts here.

Film Photography Podcast

Not everybody uses digital nowadays! John Fedele, Michael Raso and Matt Marrah are on a mission to keep the film photography community going, through their podcast and other social media endeavours, as well as their mobile workshops! 

On their podcast, they discuss the pros and cons of keeping film photography alive in the modern world and offer people tips on how to get the best film photos. If that sounds appealing to you then you can browse their large list of podcasts here.

Photographic Memory

Photographic Memory is a newly-launched podcast hosted by British photographer Jonathan Daniel Pryce that explores the memories and influences created through photography. Jonathan speaks with a variety of high-profile photographers as guests on his show, with each episode focusing on how important images shaped their photography journey. 

If you’re looking for some insight into the creative process of photography veterans or you simply want to hear their stories, Photographic Memory is the podcast for you. You can listen to Jonathan and his incredible guests’ stories here.

Whether you are just starting out or are a keen photographer, you’ll find endless tips and tricks in these photography podcasts. There are plenty of podcasts to help you with the practical aspects – you could even listen to them while shooting – as well as some that will help you keep up to date with photography news and think of interesting dialogues surrounding photography. Be sure to subscribe to a few and start listening to them as a New Year’s resolution!

Paul Newberry Cert CII

Lead Client Adviser