What if…

When business is going well, it’s easy to forget about the risks that are inherent in running a business. Now’s a good time to reflect and reassess to ensure you’re well prepared for the year ahead.

Running your own business has many advantages – everything from the choice of clients you work with and projects you take on to the creative direction of your business to when and where you work. You’re in the driving seat!

And, in the current environment, there are a whole new range of issues that you might not have needed to consider – until now.

Supply chain issues Retailers are short stocked on some items which could create issues when trying to replace kit at short notice
Increased competition – more freelancers are out there chasing the same kinds of jobs
Budgets – after the post pandemic surge, clients are becoming more mindful of budgets

What if…?

Have you ever thought about what would happen if you weren’t able to work? It’s not the most uplifting of topics, but one which every business owner needs to be able to answer.

If you were involved in an accident on location or diagnosed with an illness, what would you do? Do you have sufficient savings to cover you, your family, your mortgage or your employees (if you have any) whilst you fully recover to get back behind the lens? If you haven’t considered it, now is the time.

That’s where income protection comes in.

What is income protection?

Income protection provides peace of mind. It is a type of insurance that provides income whilst you recover from an illness and/or accident. It means you can remove the worry of how you’re going to fund your outgoings so you can concentrate on getting better.

Remember: sickness and accidents do not discriminate – they can affect anyone at any time. Being prepared for the unexpected will not only provide stability for your business, it will enable you to relax knowing that you can pay the bills when it is needed the most.

Don’t get caught unprepared
There are a range of solutions we can provide that will help to safeguard you, your family and your business.

Advice that makes a difference
The team at Aaduki would be more than happy to talk through the details of income protection, or any other insurance questions you have. Our friendly team of experts understand the needs and working practices of photographers and video makers. We’ve been working in the industry for more than 20 years, so there isn’t much we haven’t seen! Our aim is to support photographers and video makers with specialist advice to help you manage and mitigate the risks you face. We hope to speak with you soon.

Paul Newberry Cert CII

Lead Client Adviser