Travel tips for professional photographers

One of the most exhilarating experiences a photographer can have in their career is to travel and see the world. It provides you with a massive variety of stunning backdrops, interesting characters and delicious cuisine to capture any way you want.

If you’re new to travel photography or are looking for some help managing your travel snaps, we’ve got our top tips for professional photographers when travelling.

1. Travel lightly

We’re sure you can’t wait to jet-set across the globe and are excited about the prospects of what shots you’re going to capture. However wonderful it would be to take all your gear with you, you’ll find that baggage allowance and travel insurance for photographers might restrict what you take.

Only take the essentials and look into hiring temporary equipment at your destination.

2. Take advantage of the golden hour

You’ve likely already heard that the best pictures are taken early in the morning or at sunset. Well, this is the same across the globe, so take advantage of this and get up early.

It’s also an excellent idea to stay out late when you can. Many towns and cities come alive after dark, and you’ll capture some intriguing photos for your collection.

3. Ask for permission

Many professional travel photographers crave photos of the locals and shots that capture the essence of how they live. It might be tempting to snap as you go, but it’s best to ask their permission first to avoid an uproar or another individual feeling embarrassed.

4. Take your time and be patient

Sometimes the urge to see everything a new location offers means you travel from place to place and take quick snapshots along the way. Doing this, though, will mean your photos are just like any other.

Make photography your priority and if you travel with friends who aren’t into the art, take a few hours a day to dedicate to your images. You’ll also need to be patient to get perfect shots as you never know when the opportunity will arise.

5. Stay safe and take out camera insurance

Although many cities across the globe are safe for travellers, there’s always the chance you could be the victim of theft. Photography insurance and camera insurance for travel is a must. You can take all the precautions necessary and still fall victim to the most unexpected circumstances.

When taking out a policy, read the fine print to see what the camera insurance includes. You’ll need to ensure it covers all the equipment you take at the very least, and for the locations and activities you have in mind. 

If you’re travelling to a high-risk location or against FCO advice, you’ll need specialist insurance advice. We at Aaduki offer specialist travel insurance for photographers, so get in touch with us and our team will help you arrange a quote.

6. Check your visa requirements

When travelling for work, be sure to check the visa and work requirements of the country you’re travelling to. Now the UK is no longer in the EU, this applies to all EU destinations.

Some countries can be very strict, so do make sure you secure your visa before committing to work to avoid letting down your clients at the last minute.

7. Don’t worry if you get lost

It might seem a little scary, getting lost in a foreign land, but this is the perfect way to snap unique and fascinating photos that not many pros get the chance to. Make sure you always take your hotel info so you can catch a taxi back when you’re done.

You can always check in with locals, so you know you aren’t heading somewhere you shouldn’t, but off-the-beaten-path pics are what every professional travel photographer craves.

8. Backup your photos as you go

This is as important as camera insurance. If you save your snaps on a laptop and that gets stolen, you’ll have lost them forever, and this can be devastating for any photographer.

Make sure you take a hard drive, use memory sticks, backup in the cloud, or whichever way you prefer to store all your photos. This way, you can be sure that you have a copy secured whatever happens to the originals.

9. Research your location

Before you go, research your destination as much as you can. This way, you’ll know where to head beforehand and won’t spend hours deciding where to set up once you get there.

Make a plan of when and where you’re going to head to make the most of the free time you have. You can also investigate when festivals, religious ceremonies, and other important events happen to travel at those times whenever possible.

It’s worth checking the FCO website for travel advice to your location.

10. Enjoy yourself

Even though you’re travelling for work, enjoy your new surroundings and immerse yourself in the culture. By doing this, you’ll ensure you have a great time while doing what you love – and the results will no doubt reflect this!

By taking these professional travel photography tips and tricks into consideration, you can be sure you’ll come home refreshed, relaxed and with plenty of new images to share. If there’s one thing travel photography ensures, it’s that you’ll never run out of images to capture.

For more information on travel insurance for photographers, contact Aaduki today.

Paul Newberry Cert CII

Lead Client Adviser