Insurance guide for photographers – what cover might you need?

There‘s a natural instinct for photographers to be very protective of their camera equipment. This could mean a disproportionate focus in your photography insurance on cover for theft, damage or loss of the ‘tools of your trade’.

However, your risks as a photographer go far beyond incidents such as dropping a camera or having equipment stolen from your car. And the sums involved can be far more significant than the value of your gear. This profession brings with it a special set of potential perils, which require a special kind of coverage; one that can help keep your business going when the worst happens.

Insurance for photographers can be unnecessarily expensive

While being under-insured can leave you exposed financially, the opposite of this is having a premium level that’s much higher than it needs to be.

It’s one of the major pitfalls of ‘off the shelf’ insurance products. You could be paying for cover you don’t need, or for coverage that far outweighs the actual value of what you own. Getting the right policy means one tailored to the realities of what you do (and own) as a professional photographer.

At Aaduki, you will talk to one of our advisers to make sure you get all the cover you need, and none of the cover you don’t.

How to choose the right insurance for photographers

Once you have the right level of camera equipment coverage, what else should you look for?

Consider whether the policy covers temporary equipment you borrow or hire, or just the laptop, cameras, lenses, tripods and other items you own. Is there a cap on the value of any single item? Does that cap cover the most expensive item in your kit bag?

Next, you need to look at your liabilities; the things that could go wrong for others as you perfect your craft and earn a living. For example, the possibility that you may damage property in pursuit of a great image.

Then of course there is you! You may need coverage that provides a pay-out if you’re injured during the course of your work. If you think it can’t happen, check out this site for an extreme reality check!

What if you accidentally injure someone else, too? You will see this sort of cover referred to as public liability (damage to someone else or their property).

Professional indemnity: photographers’ insurance for mistakes

One of the other important types of cover you need is professional indemnity insurance. It’s vital for most professional photographers.

This can protect you from the repercussions of a job that goes badly wrong.

For example, if you’re a wedding photographer and your images of the couple’s day are lost or damaged, they might take legal action. Professional indemnity can help cover your legal fees and any potential payout.

Employers’ liability insurance

Hopefully, your business is booming and you have started recruiting a dynamic team to grow your venture. In that case, your coverage also needs to include employers’ liability. This protects you from the costs involved if a member of your team sustains an injury.

Check your coverage and policy wording

Check the small print and policy wording before you purchase. Make sure it covers everything you need, and expect it to.

With any insurance, people only consider its terms and pay-outs when a problem occurs. Then, in the middle of a crisis, they find their claim is refused, or the amount they receive falls short of what’s expected.

We’ve heard this story too many times and we aim to keep you fully in the picture with any cover you purchase through us.

Other photography insurance issues

No guide to photography insurance should ignore the bigger picture of your risk – some extra areas of cover you might need to consider.

For instance, does your car insurance cover your vehicle for business use? Is your studio in your home? If you work from home, make sure you let your insurer know you conduct business from the premises. 

Also, if you hold client data, work with sensitive photographic materials or make electronic payments, cybercrime presents a genuine risk, and you should consider cyber insurance.

Help with insurance for photographers

There are so many options when it comes to the right coverage for you and a mistake can be costly to your business or you personally.

That’s why we have a team of experts on hand to help get you the right cover. We can quote for customised photography insurance to cover your equipment, liabilities and professional commitments. Contact us today to arrange a bespoke quote for your photography business needs.

Paul Newberry Cert CII

Lead Client Adviser